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Indy Tornado Shelters, providing underground storm shelters for residents all across Indiana has grown its presence with indytornadoshelters.com. As violent storms and tornados have increased in frequency and destruction over the past few years, many Indiana residents have chose to take a prepared stance against inclement weather and torndoes by purchasing an underground tornado shelter for their home and/or small business. IndyTornadoShelters.com features America's leading Tornado Shelter innovation, the Granger ISS. The Granger ISS Tornado Shelter offers an industry leading lifespan and features that are second to none! Read throughout indytornadoshelters.com for more Tornado Shelter Information!

Tornado Shelter features

The Granger ISS Storm Shelter has industry leading features that no other Stom Shelter has including: Scroll over any of ther underlined features to see the Storm Shelter feature pop up

  • FEMA 320 specification exceeding Storm Shelter door
  • Double Wall, 1/2" thick (each wall) Polymer Construction
  • 3 Step Molded Entrance (Not a Ladder Style Entrance!)
  • Articulating Handrails to assist entry to Storm Shelter
  • Battery operated LED lighting system included!
  • Lifetime warranty against cracking, leaking and floating!
  • Molded in circular seating
  • Gas assisted shock for easy door opening & closing
  • 3 point locking system for extra security!
  • Carpet
  • Molded in 4" ventilation
  • Rotationally Molded Vent Cap
  • 500+ year life span!
  • No anchoring required for typical installations!
  • Indiana Tornado Shelter Dealers in the News!

    Indiana Tornado Shelter dealers Clover Homes of Cloverdale, Indiana gets interviewed by an Indiana News Channel for their recent spike in underground shelter sales!

    Since the devestating tornado seasons of 2011 and 2012, Tornado & Storm Shelter sales in the United States have continued to increase each year. With 2012's March 3rd Tornadoes in the Henryville, IN and Southern Indiana. Indy Tornado Shelters offers the only patented, single family, double wall Rotationally Molded Tornado Shelter on the market with industry leading features including a Safe Room Quality Door!

    Tornado Shelter on The Weather Channel

    Watch in the video above as the Granger ISS Tornado Shelter is featured on the World's leading weather authority, The Weather Channel!

    Tornado Shelter Testimonial

    Tornado Shelter Testimonial, Storm Shelter Review, Granger ISS Review

    Read in the testimonial above how one Alabama Tornado survivor says that her selection of the Granger ISS Tornado Shelter was a "no brainer".

    The only Tornado Shelter with a Safe Room/Panic Room quality door!

    See the NEW Granger ISS door exceed both FEMA 320 & FEMA 361 testing!

    See the multi-layer, storm shelter market leading door undergo not 1, yet (2) FEMA related debris impact tests, both FEMA 320 and FEMA 361 testing, with the SAME DOOR! Why don't other manufacturers upload their Texas Tech Debris Impact Videos? Perhaps the customers ought to ask that question! The Granger ISS is unquestionably, America's Leading Underground Storm Shelter!

    Underground Tornado Shelter Comparison

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    America's Leading Underground Shelters on the News

    Fox 19 news (Cincinnati, OH) covers the Granger ISS, America's leading Underground Storm Shelter and it's tremendous increase of sales during Tornado Season. For more information on Granger Plastics, please visit http://www.grangerplastics.com; For more information on Granger Industries, please visit http://www.grangerindustries.com.

    Cincinnati, Ohio's CBS affiliate, WKRC covers the Granger Plastics Company's rotational molding innovation, the Granger ISS Storm Shelter. After a recent bad outbreak of storms and Tornadoes, Granger Plastics realized a growing demand for its superior quality, underground tornado shelter.

    Granger ISS Customers in the News

    An North Carolina customer of ABS Storm Shelters of Greensboro, NC tells a Triad Region News Channel why they purchased a Granger ISS Underground Storm Shelter.

    Watch in the clip above, as a happy customer has her families Tornado Shelter installed with a Triad Region New Channel interviews the family! For more information about North Carolina Storm Shelters, please visit http://www.tsafetyshelters.com